Unable to obtain distributed lease - Zimbra Social

Recently when trying to access my development site running Zimbra (formerly Telligent) Community 7.6 I received the following exception:

"Unable to obtain the distributed lock 'PluginManager-InstallUninstallPlugins' during an install. Plugins were unable to be installed and has left the application in an incomplete state."

I tried the usual tricks (rebuilding the solution, restarting IIS etc.) but nothing seemed to work, and Google didn't throw up any results.

I found the "te_distributed_leases_remove" stored procedure, as this was a development database I gave it a go, and this seemed to fix the problem! I haven't seen any knock on effects from this, but would be cautious about running this in a production environment without knowing more!

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  • Alex Crome
    Alex Crome

    This error should fix itself within 30secs if I remember correctly.  If it doesn't, this typically means somewhere in your environment you've got something going into an infinite plugin reload loop - most likely the job server due to missing or different dll versions.  Also make sure you're running the latest hot fix as some issues were fixed around this.

  • Thanks Alex! That makes sense, this was on a development environment so very possible one of us had managed to mess up something somewhere!

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller

    I just ran into this today while upgrading our staging environment. Thanks to you and Alex for the explanation. You saved me some trouble! [:)]