Redirect non-logged in users to the login page on a Telligent site

If you have a Telligent Community or Telligent Enterprise site and you would like to force all visitors to the site to login this can be achieved with a relatively simple custom widget.

You can download the widget here, and install it using these instructions.

You can then use it by adding it to the header of every page:

  1. Go to the sites homepage when logged in as an Administrator
  2. Click the “Edit Page” link in the top right corner
  3. Click “Edit Header”
  4. Find the “Redirect to Login” widget, and drag it into the header
  5. Click “Save Header”
  6. Click “Cancel”

Now every anonymous user will be redirected to the login page. The widget has been tested with Community Version 7 and Enterprise Version 4, but should also work with Community 6 and Enterprise 3.

The widget (which you can see below) is very simple and checks if the user is logged in, if not the page being accessed is checked. If the user is viewing the Login, Logout, Forgotten Password or Register page they are allowed access, otherwise the request is redirected. If you would like to customise the pages allowed you can use the Widget Studio built into Telligent, to alter the list of page names.

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