Open Live Writer and Telligent Community

Last week Scott Hanselman announced the release of Open Live Writer. This is an Open Source version of the excellent Windows Live Writer tool for authoring blog posts, which hasn’t been worked on for several years.

Whilst trying out the new version Open Live Writer I noticed the setup process for Telligent blogs was a little confusing, so here’s how to do it!

The easy way

When configuring a blog account, select “Other Service” and then enter the URL of the blog homepage and your username and password.

Note it is important to enter the URL of the blog you want to manage, not the URL of the community or group, for example this blog would be, if using Telligent 7.x or lower ensure default.aspx is included.

Follow through the rest of the wizard and you should be able to create or edit posts using Open Live Writer!

The harder way

imageIf you have problems with “the easy way” and have checked the URL, username and password are correct then you should see the “Select blog type” screen.

Select “Community Server” from the drop down, what you enter in the text box depends on your version of Telligent Community

Telligent Community 7.x or lower

Replace <hostname> with the hostname of your Telligent Community site, in this case it would be

Telligent Community 8.x and higher

Enter the URL of your blog (as specified in “The easy way”) with metablog added to the end, e.g. in the case of this blog it should be

What Now

I’ve opened an issue in the Open Live Writer project on GitHub to update the provider support for Telligent, check out the issue for more information, and add your thoughts!

Ardour Digital can help you get the most out of Verint Community (aka Telligent Community). Providing development, training, and advice.

To find out more email or call +44 (0)177 3254 150.

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  • Phil Chouinard
    Phil Chouinard

    Funny you mention this... I also found the information for connecting Live Writer to Communities to be a bit confusing, so I wrote my own steps. I don't believe I have access to that anymore, but I will dig that up as another possible option for this. Thanks for posting this!