Announcing training video series for Telligent Community: Video walkthroughs of building a plugin

Interested in building a plugin for Telligent Community, but don't know where to start? Our new video series explores some of the core concepts as we walk through the creation of a fully functional plugin.

In these videos, we will build a plugin allowing administrators to create predefined content templates that can be inserted into the rich text editor by users (this is one of the most upvoted feature requests on the Telligent community). When the plugin is ready for use I'll post a follow-up on this blog, follow us on Twitter, or get in touch to find out first!

The first video is available now, with the other videos coming soon.

Watch the first video now

You can find out more about the video series on our training pages, follow along with the code on GitHub, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the new videos first.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, or get in touch, with any feedback or suggestions.

Ardour Digital can help you get the most out of Verint Community (aka Telligent Community). Providing development, training, and advice.

To find out more email or call +44 (0)177 3254 150.

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