• Viewing embedded content in Telligent Community REST API responses

    When you get Telligent Community content via the REST API, by default embedded content (such as Videos or Audio), isn't returned, instead it is replaced with a message such as "(Please visit the site to view this video)", the PostTarget parameter can be used to return the full content.
    • 4 Jul 2016
  • Getting current content in Telligent Community

    Often when writing code for use with Telligent Community you'll need to get hold of the current context from the content, for example the current Group, Blog or Blog Post, this can be accessed using the CurrentContext property.
    • 27 Jun 2016
  • Reusable blog snippets with Telligent Community

    Often when writing a blog there will be a standard piece of text, or link that you use in many blog posts, and end up copying and pasting between posts. This can become tedious and if you need to update the text is a lot of effort, this is where snippets can help. This is a feature that appears to have been around for a long time but I've not noticed before!
    • 20 Jun 2016
  • Get full URL from Relative in Telligent Community

    If you ever need the full URL when using Telligent Community this can easily be done with the AbsoluteUrl method, in either velocity or C#.
    • 15 Jun 2016
  • Twitter Cards for Telligent Community 9

    The latest version of Telligent Community adds open graph tags to the page by default, but doesn't add the tags required for Twitter to make use of those tags and show a preview of the content within the tweet. Easily enable Twitter Card support with this plugin.
    • 1 Jun 2016
  • Developer Shortcuts Chrome Extension for Telligent Community

    If your anything like me, when developing with Telligent Community your likely to have many tabs open, Widget Studio, API Documentation, Developer Tools, and will be always jumping between them! Once the tabs are open this can work out OK, but as soon as you lose a tab, you have to click through the admin area to find the page you want. This is what triggered the creation of “Telligent Community Developer Shortcuts” extension…
    • 19 May 2016
  • Recording a User Group Session - The First Attempt

    We’ve been running the Telligent Community UK User Group for almost a year now, and I think we have now started to get the hang of organising them! As Telligent is a product used worldwide, and we are currently the only user group, we’ve ...
    • 3 Mar 2016
  • Deploying a Web Deploy Package to AWS ElasticBeanstalk

    AWS provide an extension to Visual Studio to make interacting with your AWS services easy, including deploying to a Beanstalk environment, which is the recommended way of deploying to a Beanstalk. This works great, and if you are able to, you should obviously use the recommended approach, but there may be times you don’t have the extension available, or already have a build system setup to use Web Deploy packages. As…
    • 3 Feb 2016
  • Redirecting or Rewriting all requests when using AWS Load Balancers

    If you are hosting a ASP.NET App using an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (or Elastic Beanstalk), you may want to redirect all requests to another site, or rewrite all requests to a holding page for some amount of time. With a ASP.NET applications and AWS there are many ways of doing this, In this post I’m going to look at two options that you may have used when working on a site running “On-Premise” (Note this does not mean…
    • 31 Jan 2016
  • Open Live Writer and Telligent Community

    Last week Scott Hanselman announced the release of Open Live Writer. This is an Open Source version of the excellent Windows Live Writer tool for authoring blog posts, which hasn’t been worked on for several years. Whilst trying out the new version Open Live Writer I noticed the setup process for Telligent blogs was a little confusing, so here’s how to do it!
    • 14 Dec 2015